DJ Emancipacion is a U.S. born Egyptian cultural worker who draws inspiration for her musical meanderings from our people’s movements for freedom and liberation. Her sets take you on a journey through Africa (her homeland) via Oakland, tracing tribal roots, future dubs, and lots of soul. 

She has been a proud member of the San Francisco Bay Area dance scene for over 15 years. Currently Emancipacion designs the sounds at her monthly summertime outdoor jump, SOULOVELY, founded by the first all lady DJ crew based in Oakland, CA. With a mixture of house, reggae, African, soul, and whatever necessary to get the crowd open, SOULOVELY is a testament to the beauty of Oakland's diversity. As a former resident at Brothers and Sisters with DJ Dedan and bearing a musical ear and work ethic honed from her job as a live and recording sound engineer, DJ Emancipacion is far more substance over style. You can hear it in her attention to blends and see it in the way she reads a room.

She is also a resident of SKIN, a project of Candi Martinez and DJ Cecil that brings dancers and djs together over the love of deep, spiritual, ancestral dance music.

(DJ Emancipacion is also currently one of the only female djs that caters to the Arab/North African community in the US. She specializes in Arabic weddings, bridal showers, hennas, and graduation parties.)